Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Great White Hope

Alrighty folks. We've got to name this big fella. So take a gander...


... and ponder the leading contenders:

- "Fortinbras" -- suggested by Jay, and I have to admit it elicited a belly laugh when I read it. But is it perhaps too militant? Or is it merely and appropriately rugged?

- "Dan" -- proposed by me, mostly because I like the idea of having a vehicle named simply, "Dan." Also, it seems to me the truck needs a blue-collar counterpoint to its sporty stylings -- note the silver wheel well trim.

- "David Duke" -- this amusing jewel comes from Stef, and I'm guessing it speaks for itself. As, indeed, does David Duke.

- "Beautiful" -- suggested by Robin, although I don't think she knows she suggested it.... A careful reading of her last email, however, and it was proffered up.

- "Snowflake" -- a natural follow-up to Papillon, suggested by Julia.

- "Ford" -- also a Julia suggestion. Witty.

- "Whitley" -- from Krista, after a camp she attended (either as a child, or just last summer -- that point wasn't clear).

- "Genet" -- suggested by Dale. And a good suggestion it is, but am I really snooty enough to name my truck Genet? Think very carefully before you answer that question....

- "Drugged up Dork" -- suggested by Jess. Oh, wait, I don't think that was for the truck. Apparently she was calling me that.

Because none of my pregnant or recently pregnant friends/family wanted any suggestions on naming their children, and because I repeatedly suggested "Craigina", "Craigifer", and "Craigette" anyway, I am opening up the field to any and all comments. Or you can suggest other names, at least until voting is closed. And I promise to name the truck whatever is most popular, as long as it is also whatever I decide I like best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, naturally, vote for Fortinbras. I owned a white Corolla named "Steve" for a while. And it was a perfectly suitable name. But I grew to hate Steve. I mean hate.

Therefore I suggest that you not name this beauty anything too pedestrian. It needs depth. You need to grow to find the subtlety and share in the revelations deep within. "Dan" just doesn't do it.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going with "le fantome" with a little hat over the "o." It preserves the French theming.....and it is a wonderful allusion to the color.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, my first thought was Moonshine. However, I will also say that Troy and I have offically decided not to use Agammemnon for your nephew, so that's up for grabs too. And in 5 weeks (or sooner, get this thing out of me!!)the use of Floyd will be retired, so I hope you will put that name under consideration as well.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How 'bout Moby? It IS big and white...

Hope you're well.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fortinbras is pretty darned awesome.
Somewhat in the same vein, may I suggest
Launcelot? I think that this truck has a sort of well meaning but not altogether unclumsy White Knight kind of feeling about it.....
Also...if it breaks down, you could just say that it had gone off in search of its own.......idiom!

8:29 PM  

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