Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back in Los Angeles

I'm back in LA with many more stories to tell, but perhaps I'll have to catch up with everyone in person to have any hope of relaying those. And, for now, a few photos of Railey, the last place I was (other than Bangkok, which isn't nearly as photogenic, although I have a few good shots of there as well):

The isthmus from the top of an hour of rock climbing:

Railey Isthmus

The Princess Lagoon, buried inside the middle of one of those huge rocky cliffs, and at the bottom of another hour of rock climbing:

Princess Pool

A more classic view, from another hike:

Railey Southern Tip

A monkey (I mentioned there were monkeys, right?):

Railey Monkey

And a sunset:

Railey Sunset

Hope everyone is well!


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