Sunday, April 16, 2006

Going to Koh Tao

I'm headed to Koh Tao in another marathon traveling session. A 12 hour train ride to Bangkok, followed by a few hours there -- I'm not sure how long it will take before I can get another train out -- but I can wander around the city for 4 or 5 hours, and then an 8 hour train ride to Chumphon. At that point I can either take the 6 hour midnight boat to Koh Tao, or decide I am too exhausted and stay the night in Chumphon for the boat the next day.

I have no idea what I'll be up to on Koh Tao, but I need a few days of rest, so I'm going to find a nice secluded bungalow on the beach on the secluded side of the island, rather than the busy-with-tourists side.

I suspect internet access will be harder to find over there, but I'll do what I can!


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