Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Small White Room in Taiwan

I'm in a tiny, perhaps hermetically sealed room in the Taiwan airport that seems solely created to contain and confine WIFI. I'm borrowing the computer of someone named Audrey, although I've come to think of her as 38K. After all my complaints about the size of the seat, the flight was incredibly comfortable for 14 hours on a plane. Seat 38H treated me very well -- lots of legroom -- although my toes were occasionally trod upon by people waiting for the smelly lavatory. And the food was fine. All in all, a good flight. The flight attendants were 22 nearly identical chinese women in a variety of cool colors. My two were 27216 and 27503. (I'm not kidding by the way. They had number tags instead of name tags.) 27503 was a real looker.... 38J was also quite nice, although there were a few moments of talking that I thought had been allocated to sleeping.

I'm currently looking through the porthole of my WIFI chamber out onto a Duty Free extravaganza.

Next stop Bangkok.

And to all of those who have sent emails wishing me a good trip, Thank You!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The 22 hour flight approaches

To be honest, that 22 hours includes a couple on the ground in Taipei. I can't be bothered to figure out the actual flight time from Los Angeles to Taipei -- between the changing time zones and daylight savings times -- all I really know is that I take off today and land the day after tomorrow. And in between I imagine I'll be wedged between the loudest human imaginable and the most talkative human imaginable, and sitting in the least comfortable seat imaginable. I believe the seat pitch on China airlines is 32", which is great, because the seat pitch of my body is about 33".

All of that aside, welcome to my blog! I've decided my web presence is much too distinct already so I'm blogging under a suitable pseudonym. And as my wee little "photo" at right indicates, I have decided to forego hair on this trip. I clipped it off into my bathtub, creating a pile the size of large armadillo, and I'm leaving Joel to deal with the clogged up drain. (Sorry Joel.)

This is the very first posting and already the entire site is flush with allusion. I'll leave it up to you to ponder all possible meanings....

On to the true business at hand:

Instead of sending back periodic emails, I've decided to just post here. I will attempt to email everyone when there is a new posting, but I'm not sure how successsful I will be at that. You are welcome to check in on your own and see if anything new has befallen me. I am not at all sure what to expect when I reach Thailand. The original idea was that the construction would be in progress before my arrival, but I'm getting the sense that such might not be the case. There seem to be construction material issues and who knows what else going on, so I'll be arriving, taking a look at what is going on, and then figuring out what to do from there. I don't feel trepidation, exactly, but I'm trying to be prepared for anything. The whole project being a no go from the first moment is a possibility, as is everything being smooth and simple. I'll let you know.

And soon I'll get used to this "blogging" form and write appropriately. Give me time....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Beginning of the Morass

Yes, yes. I know I'm not all that consistent on how I spell the word gray. Or grey. But what better word to have two equally appropriate options?