Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Updating the Itinerary

I'm somehow slightly too frazzled and stressed for a proper posting.

What happened to my pleasant Romanian vacation?

I'm in downtown Bucharest. Today, gone by, and tomorrow are devoted to checking out the city - and by the city, I mean the traffic - and the forts that surround the city. There were 36 forts built around Bucharest slightly too late to be useful in WWI and not nearly impenetrable enough to be useful in WWII. Now, they seem to be the perfect place to house bats.

Thursday I'm headed out of Bucharest to do rather full circuit of the country, in the clockwise direction, hitting as many prisons as possible. Lots o' prisons. I'll have worked my way around the country to the Southeast corner by Monday, where I'll be checking out rock quarries on the Black Sea. And then, back to Bucharest.

And that is all I know of the plan so far.

Mild wackiness has occured on the trip, but nothing entertaining enough to break me from my frazzled state. I'll get back to you with something soon....



Blogger ginsy said...

You know the old saying, "nothing is wackier than an Eastern European prison in October."

3:57 PM  

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