Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just a quick update:

We've arrived in Moshi. The journey here can only be described as third-worldian. I'll give the full tale later, but let it be put this way -- we flew to an airport by accident we'd been assured we couldn't possibly get to, and then jumped off the plane, grabbed our luggage, and ran for the street before they realized we were leaving.... The terminal of our airport, by the way is photographed here:

Airport in Mweba

I'm not kidding. That is the terminal. The runway is that grass you see in the foreground. Notice the fire extinguisher on the hand truck....

So many little tidbits of stories to tell, but I'm afraid I'm off to dinner and then to bed early. Tomorrow begins the climb. Here is the view of the mountain from here:

Kili from the Coffee Tree Restaurant

It doesn't look that far away, right? The distance you are looking at is, roughly, the trek that starts early tomorrow. The day begins with a 3-hour 4-wheel drive that allegedly requires motion sickness pills, but the drive doesn't take us any closer. We'll just be shifting around to the bottom of the mountain on the west, so to the left side of the photo, and beginning from there.

This is the end of communication until we return. f all goes well, we'll be on top on Christmas day! Merry Christmas to everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun! Can't wait to hear about the whole thing.

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